Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) apply to your use of our website and any software or mobile apps that we may create (together, we call those things the “Service”). Check out our Terms of Use (“Terms”) for more details on the Service – these Guidelines are included in those Terms. We’ll refer to you in these Guidelines as ‘you’ or the ‘User’. We’ll call ourselves “RT”, “we” or “us”. Any other capitalized phrases are defined in the Terms. If you have any questions about the below, reach out at

1. Why are the Guidelines Important? The Service offers a special opportunity – you get to combine your own story with some of RT’s content to create a customized Podcast Episode. Because of this special opportunity (and because it’s the right thing to do), we can’t permit you to do anything that would make you, RT, or anyone else feel hurt, unsafe, harassed, uncomfortable, exploited, or any other similar bad feeling. Make sense? We think so too.

2. No Discrimination Don’t mention anything in Your Story that could incite, promote, cause, or support discrimination against another person. This includes discrimination based on age, gender, gender expression, race, religion, creed, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, family status, marital status, place of origin, ethnic origin, or any grounds recognize by applicable human rights laws.

3. No Abuse Don’t mention anything in Your Story that could make someone else feel harassed, bullied, threatened, or otherwise abused.

4. No Violence Don’t mention anything in Your Story that incites, celebrates, or promotes violence.

5. No Lies Don’t include any lies in Your Story. This includes misleading, defamatory, deceptive, libelous, outdated, or other untrue things.

6. Respect others If you are going to mention other people in Your Story, only mention details about them if you have permission or if that person has made those details public before. This includes mentioning other people’s names, stories, locations, personal information, or other details they hold private.

7. No Inappropriate or Unlawful Content Don’t mention anything that is inappropriate or unlawful. This includes content that depicts or promotes: Nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content; or Drug use or any illegal activity. This includes mentioning things that could have any of the following impacts: -Humiliates another person; -Injures another person (physically, emotionally, or mentally); -Damages another person’s property; -Harms or exploits children; -Misleads others about a religion or a way of life; -Constitutes a crime or civil infraction; -Discloses confidential information, trade secrets, or other secret information; -Discloses another person’s personal information (including contact information); or -Breaks a contractual responsibility you hold.

8. Enjoyment Don’t mention anything in Your Story that interferes with the positive experience of other users of the Service.

9. Enforcement RT will exercise its sole discretion when interpreting and applying these Guidelines to any alleged infraction. When enforcing these Guidelines, RT may choose to take any of the following steps with respect to your access to the Service: suspending availability of the Podcast Episode, permanently terminating availability of the Podcast Episode, and/or banning implicated Users from any and all future use of the Service.