Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my story to the podcast?

After you record the answers to the desired questions, you will have a chance to mix your episode and then submit to the podcast. Alternatively, you can download your audio story and then email it to

Will my audio be made public?

Nope. Everything you record will be for your ears only (unless you submit it to the podcast, that is)! For more details about how the app works, visit our privacy policy.

Is this really free?

Yes! It’s completely free and always will be.

Why won’t the recording work?

A common reason the app does not work is because of your device’s microphone settings. Be sure to check that your internet browser has access to your device’s microphone.

Who made Remember This?

Remember This is a community give-back project from Lead Podcasting Inc. The app and the podcast were made by podcaster, Amanda Cupido, lawyer Mike Anderson, Consulting Technology Director Troy Forster and developer Jake Edwards. The team was motivated by their passion for helping people capture stories from the elderly.